Posted by Toffee, 13th June 2004

Greetings, another update from CJKville for you all. First of all I would like to make some warm welcomes to Proud, Lanz and Badge who all joined since the last update. Strangely enough, we are still very much recruiting due to semi-active/inactiveness, so anybody wanting a trial come give us a shout :) We would particularly like a good soldier, front line preferably!

On the results side it has been so-so! Weve played 3 WPTFCL games this week, the first 2 being solid wins, whereas the third one we were quite a farse. This is not uncommon in CJK, but for league games it is rarely so. This is laregely why we are keeping up the recruitment drive, to make sure it doesnt happen again as a result of player shortages.

Posted by Toffee, 26th May 2004

Ive made another small update on the results. Were still only competing in the vtfl, thanks largely to the gayness of other leagues not starting yet. Also thanks to the gayness of uktfcl, who said it was too late in the season for us to join, but not for 187 to join 2 weeks after we asked. hmmm....

In other news, welcome to nalF ! He is our first proper new recruit in a while, who has joined after the foldage of bravo 2.0. He is a very good offy player with his head screwed on the right way too, which is hard to find ! Im sure you will have fun with us mate :)

Posted by Toffee, 17th May 2004

Another small update to make sure everything's up-to-date now the webby should be on the net. Members list modified, and a result added. No new recruits, although More has decided to become active for us, who was a half-cjk type already, and Damage is now a proper CJK since SCW have gone inactive, although he too has been hanging with us like a bad smell for quite a while now! So welcomes are in order for you two I guess...........


not getting one though. :)

Posted by Toffee, 9th May 2004

Welcome to the new CJK website. I know it's not much to look at, and that it's not as good as the old one, but unfortunately we lost it, so I cant be arsed going to as much effort on the design, and there is nobody to make us some new code :(

So anyway, I used my hour or two of my spare time to rustle up this thing here, which I will update occasionally just to keep peeps updated on the world of CJK :p

So, erm, yes anyway. Weve been reformed for about 2 months, and I think we have gradually come closer and closer to what you could call a stable clan. I say this because it has taken quite a while for us to find a settled team and conistently put out 8 of our own players without mercs/multi-clanners/nob heads.

Recruitment has been slow, primarily because we have already gone through quite a few of what I like to call 'glory types', who never last with us forlong :) They come to cjk, see that we dont play to win, and then bugger off to the next best clan they can get in. It is also amusing to see the lack of loyalty of so called clan members who joined us at our peak, but now joined other clans instead of us when they became clanless.

But enough of that, on to the good things since our reform ! We are playing our first competetive game tonight vs RvR in the alpha division of VTFL! Quite an achievement being recognised as being at that level already, seeing that we only just reformed ! We have also recruited some lovely new members who have fit right into the CJK mould, including Antipop, Nessie, Evilsperm and Blade. The rest of our players are made up of long term CJK members. The core is the same as it's ever been with myself, twat, happysacs, baboom, spluff, captain ginger, dkdk, drago all of whom are playing again. It feels like us guys have been CJK players for donkeys years, so I guess it's good to have that sort of stability in the clan !

Anyways, I have babbled on a lot and I shall leave it now! I will keep the results webpage relatively up-to-date with results from competetive matches only for the time being. The members list will also stay as up to date as possible.